Three Ways to Shine

Power Profile™

Hire our team to transform (or build from scratch) a Power Profile™ that gets you found, hired and connected to the right professional opportunities.


Still thinking of LinkedIn as just a job hunt tool? Time to reset. LinkedIn is (waay) more than a digital resume. LinkedIn is a critical career branding platform. Before every call, every conference, every meeting – people look you up and you need to look good.

Powerful headlines. Bold career snapshot. Nuanced strategic positioning. LinkedIn Reboot shines a spotlight on the value you offer.

We nail your messaging, build your profile to boost visibility (hello SEO!), and deliver a customized roadmap for communicating your way to continued career success.



- 60-Minute Intake Session

- All New Content, Customized

- Section-by-Section Feedback

- Strategy Tips, Personalized

- Power Up Action Plan, Roadmap for success

- 60-Minute Review Session to Refine Results

If you want your LinkedIn profile to get you noticed, you need to work with Katie Fogarty. Katie transformed my forgettable, half-baked, blah profile into a compelling and professional one.
— Ginny Brzezinski, Know Your Value

Power Hour ™

Book a Power Hour™ of expert coaching to fine-tune, boost engagement and make your profile stand up and stand out.


You’ve put (some) work in on your profile, but it’s still not working for you. Not enough doors opening, too few recruiters calling, messaging that feels “meh.”  We turn your profile inside out, offering concrete steps for boosting your visibility and hirability. We add the oomph.

In our work, we’ve reviewed thousands of LinkedIn profiles (seriously). We know what works and what doesn’t. And we know how to guide you in crafting a profile that gets noticed, shares your story, and gets you where you want to go next.

Expert custom assessment. Actionable recommendations. Smart positioning. One hour to a stronger, door-opening LinkedIn.

We spot what’s missing, what needs polishing and offer action-items to supercharge your profile and presence on the world’s biggest career stage. Plus, every Power Hour™ comes with a killer new headline.



- Profile Pre-Assessment

- 60-Minute Strategy Session

- Key Messaging Coaching

- Profile Must Haves, SEO, Networking

- Summary Document Recap

- New Headline Copy*

*all other copywriting requires a Power Profile™

Katie’s knowledge and understanding of the LinkedIn environment has been a phenomenal help to me. As a public figure, I had special requests for my profile and she guided me every step of the way!
— Cheryle Casone, Fox News Anchor

Reboot for Business™

Collaborate with our team to tell a better brand story and win business, credibility and customers.


Your business is brilliant, but you’re too busy running it to tell the world. Reboot for Business™ puts a marketing and communications department at your fingertips and gets your business noticed on LinkedIn and other media platforms.

Reboot for Business nails your message in clean, crisp language -- from tag lines to web copy to product/services descriptions -- and offers custom communication strategies you can deploy across marketing channels. 

A persuasive brand story. A distinctive voice. Amplified reach in a crowded market. Reboot for Business gives your business a megaphone.

Ready to tell the world a powerful story about the value your business offers?

customized to client need, generally includes:

- Executive Strategy Session with Leadership Team

- Benchmarking of Competition

- Diagnostic Analysis of Current Practices

- Custom Messaging & Action Plan

- Access Retainer for 30-Days

Katie will quickly define and craft your positioning on LinkedIn to help you meet your business objectives. She did just that for me, and shared some simple LinkedIn tips and tricks I wasn’t aware of. She rocked it!
— Samantha Saturn, CMO, SESAC